LKC Complementary School

Leicester Kerala Community School is been registered with SSDA and Leicester complementary school trust run by council. Its been done since 2013/14. We have a set of parents who always been volunteered and helped us through out these times. It is mainly south Indian classical dances and Malayalam language classes. We have been submitted our curriculum to the school development authority and its been sanctioned by them to teach all the class plans and teaching modules is been approved by SSDA and LCST (council authorised agencies for schools) in Leicestershire. Its all been submitted in last year we have certain problems with a place which we need to conduct our classes since we started LKC School school. The school runs under the supervision/ authority of Leicester Kerala Community committees every year. When it’s affiliated also it still comes under the authority of selected Leicester Kerala community committee. Now the schools designated volunteers are JOSNA TOJO, JINCY JUSTIN, BINCY JOSE and coordinated by ANEESH JOHN. He is LKC Schools official representative for SSDA, LCST. All the paper works related to complementary school has been submitted last year and all been approved by council.

Complementary schools are, by definition, created and led by the members of a community that seeks to support the development of their children and young people.

In complementary schools, most of the activities take place after school hours and at the weekends. The number of hours varies from 2 to 10 per week. Complementary schools meet in a variety of different centres, mainly youth clubs, community centres, places of worship, and mainstream schools.

According to academic research, the work of complementary schools has a visible impact on children’s academic and social achievement.

The purpose of LKC Complementary school is to promote and facilitate the cultural, educational, social and economic welfare of the Leicester kerala community members.

Language is a passport to understand a culture. It helps us to connect with and understand the community that uses the language from an insider’s view, which in turn, creates respect towards the community.

Kerala is a state with a significant number of expatriates. The expatriates of Kerala are extremely proud of their cultural heritage and makes every effort to pass this on to their future generations.

As non-resident Indians, we are all aware of the insecurities our children have to go through while growing up wavering between two cultures – the culture the parents try to endorse at home and the culture they see around them when they mingle with the outside world.

Malayalam is the mother tongue of Kerala. Learning the mother tongue in a foreign country has its own limitations and the freedom to use it varies. Striving to use Malayalam language as a medium of communication for the young generation has been made easy through having a Malayalam class run by the Leicester Kerala Community.

This is a dream come true especially for parents who are happy to see their kids learn, write and speak in their own month tongue.

Parents have an obligation to enrich the kids with knowledge about their ancestry so they can build self-respect and grow up as confident individuals. To clearly understand and absorb the rich and varied heritage of Kerala and thus become a proud Malayalee, what other way than to learn Shreshta Bhasha – Malayalam. Learning Malayalam will not only help the kids to communicate with their families in Kerala but also open up the world of Malayalam Literature which is one of the best in the world. This will help them to remain connected to their roots.

With these ideas in perspective, the Leicester Kerala Community started off Malayalam classes on 2013 May, with thirteen students and two teachers.

Our focus is on teaching the students to read, write and speak in Malayalam. Students are provided with double lined Malayalam writing books. They also have the opportunity to borrow books for reading from the teachers. In the future we are planning to incorporate multimedia in our learning and there are plans to provide students with text books and work books as well.

The classes are held on every Friday at New Parks Methodist Church, Battersbee Road, Leicester, Le39lD. Timing from 4.30 pm to 7.30 pm.

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